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Mock Compliance Review

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration in conjunction with the Kentucky State Police, Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division conducts Compliance Reviews on a consistent basis. A Compliance Review is an investigation into the safety history of a trucking company. There are two types of Compliance Reviews Focused and Full. At the end of the compliance review a safety rating will be issued on a full review, but not so on the focused review. No matter what type of review is completed a civil penalty may be assessed if there are certain violation patterns discovered. The rating system for a full review is Satisfactory, Conditional, or Unsatisfactory. The road map to getting a Compliance Review is usually due to crashes or safety inspections with violations. These crashes and safety violations are visible to the public through a website that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration maintains.

The Kentucky Trucking Association will conduct a mock audit for your company to assess what are your strong points and where there may be some areas that need some adjustments made. It is vital that your company receive a safety rating of Satisfactory. Your safety data is on display to anyone that has access to the internet, even though shippers are not supposed to use this information to determine the company’s safety fitness it does happen. Safety is an attitude that needs to be considered in everything we do. Compliance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations is a must, safety regulations are difficult at best to understand at Kentucky Trucking Association we deal with them on a daily basis.

Our member pricing is very competitive call Glynn Powers at 502.227.0848 or email him at gpowers+kytrucking+net for more information. While this service is available to non-members as well, the pricing is still competitive.

New Entrant Safety Audit Preparation

A New Entrant Safety Audit is conducted on all new carriers which are listed as Interstate Carriers. This audit is an educational experience and will determine if the company official(s) have a basic understanding of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. When this federal program started it was virtually impossible to fail the audit but as time has progressed there have been some items built into the program that are now game changers. The difference between a safety audit and a compliance review is the investigator will not look at as many records as they do in a compliance review and there are no civil penalties involved in a safety audit. The safety audit is strictly pass or fail. However during the safety audit if the investigator finds a pattern of certain violations they may make a recommendation that compliance review is conducted.

At the Kentucky Trucking Association our staff will assist in an educational review of safety regulation as well as Kentucky state laws that are specific to your organization and review the components of the required files that are required by the safety regulations and or Kentucky state law.

Getting off on the right foot will save you time and money in the future. We have competitive pricing and provide all new entrants a full year of access. Our members will save even more on this service, call Glynn Powers at 502.227.0848 or email him at gpowers+kytrucking+net for more information.

Onsite Training

The staff at Kentucky Trucking Association conducts onsite training in safety, operations and maintenance as it pertains to obtaining a better understanding of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. We deal with these safety regulations as well as Kentucky State Law on a daily basis and continuously monitor new rules that are being proposed or implemented at the federal and state level. Contact the office to schedule your personal onsite training via our contact page or at 502.227.0848.

Data Q Challenge

DataQ is a system built and maintained by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, which allows a motor carrier to challenge data that is listed on their company safety profile. This data could be either a crash or safety inspection related. It is extremely important that a motor carrier monitors their safety data and if they discover incorrect data on their profile then you could use the DataQ system to challenge the data.

The staff at Kentucky Trucking Association is able to assist motor carriers in determining when a crash or safety violation appears to be incorrect. The staff has a record of successful DataQ Challenges where the data is changed to reflect the proper crash or violation history.

Record of Duty Status Auditing

Insuring that your drivers log books are correct with minimal violations or at least knowing about the violations is paramount in surviving a Compliance Review. We have the latest information and technology to complete this task, that way you know if your drivers are complying with the federal rules on hours of service. The hours of service rules are ever changing and we monitor these changes from the beginning of the proposed rule change to the final change. We make comments on these rule changes when necessary and keep our members informed on a timely basis. The staff at Kentucky Trucking Association can help you with auditing your drivers log books. Contact the office at 502.227.0848 to schedule your personal auditing appointment.

State and Federal Regulatory Updates

Get weekly updates on State and Federal Regulations that impact the commercial trucking industry from Kentucky Trucking Association staff. These regulations are changing on a regular basis, we make this daunting task less time consuming for our members. Kentucky Trucking Association staff is constantly monitoring the Kentucky legislative session for bills and regulations that would be beneficial or damaging to your business.

Our member network allows Kentucky Trucking Association to analyze and breakdown a law into summary form saving our members time. Kentucky Trucking Association will also inform members of any legislation prior to it becoming actual law. This allows Kentucky Trucking Association members the necessary time to adjust budgets, avoid the “I didn’t know fines” and prepare implementation procedures. Kentucky Trucking Association informs members when an administration, department or division makes a significant change to a current policy, procedure or practice that would impact the commercial trucking industry. Our members are always one of the first to know when a significant change is occurring at the state level. Contact the office at 502.227.0848 to receive additional membership information.

US Dot Credentials

Do Not Pay high fees to get your DOT credentials. You are just starting your business and you should not pay more than you have to. Kentucky Trucking Association will walk you through the process. We can show you how to obtain your credentials for the minimum cost or we will obtain your credentials at a very competitive rate. Call us at 800-334-KMTA (5682) or email gpowers+kytrucking+net.